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Styles and materials of retaining walls have come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of installing the common old wooden sleeper. Not only are they dull and boring, but they just dont perform over time. At Adelaide Retaining Walls we only use the latest materials that come in numerous styles and colours to compliment your house.

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  • Concrete Sleeper Walls

    We only use the best possible sleepers available. This means we use and recommend Outback Sleepers due to their quality and continued drive to be the best Sleeper Suppliers in Australia. Below are just a few of the popular styles available in their range.

Blackwood Concrete Sleeper

Brighton Concrete Sleeper

Cove Concrete Sleeper

Kensington Concrete Sleeper

Lonsdale Concrete Sleeper

McLaren Concrete Sleeper

  • Block Walls

    At Adelaide Retaining Walls we use and recommend several types of blocks for walling depending on the individual site situation. Some of the smaller walls can be built with rubble filled blocks and larger walls can be engineered with concrete filled blocks and footings.

    Heathstone • Keystone • Adbri • Versa Loc • Versa Wall

  • Rendered Besser Block Walls

    Rendered Besser Block Walls are a fantastic way to create different shapes and sizes and still maintain absolute retaining wall effectiveness. These walls can be finished in a number of different methods from texture coats to sand mortar style finish. These walls are built on solid concrete foundations with extensive drainage systems to prevent water penetration or cracking of the rendered finish.

  • Fencing

    Adelaide Retaining walls are able to install a suitable product for your retaining wall application. If you are looking for a fencing solution that is both aesthetically appealing and extremely practical, get in touch with us today. We can help you with organising both the retaining wall and the fencing requirements. Saving you both money and time.

  • Blue Stone & Moss Rock Walls

    Adelaide Retaining walls has access to some of Adelaide’s best moss rocks from the Tungkillo region. These rocks have a uniform colour and good moss coverage. Our bluestone is from Kapunda and is the best available. This stone is excellent for higher walls with less space between rocks. We can also provide smaller book leaf stonework for a neat tighter fitting wall that looks amazing. Depending on the site situation and soil types the smaller block walls can be built on rubble bases with rubble filled blocks. Some larger walls call for concrete footings and concrete infill of the blocks themselves. We also install the larger boral Keystone walls using geo grid style tieback systems.

  • Earthmoving & Excavation

    We ensure all our machines and equipment are compatible with each other and work in unison to get the job done! We pride ourselves on having the correct machinery that allows our workers to focus on your project and produce a result that will be enjoyed by you for years to come. 

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