Can I do my own Council Approval?

Retaining walls purpose whether a sleeper retaining wall, gabion retaining wall, sandstone retaining wall is to support soil that is not naturally retained. Because we need to produce a structure to allow us to retain this soil it can have an effect on surrounding areas and the retaining wall cost.

There is also the safety issue here that is vitally important. A wall built incorrectly is in danger of collapse. Council approval is often needed before you start building a retaining wall. So keeping in mind the above. Yes! you can do your own council approval you will however require;

• Two sets of Engineering
• A Certificate of title from the Lands Title Office.
• Two sets of your Builders site plans highlighting wall heights and positions.
• The provision of a building certifier to make inspections during the build to ensure correct specs.
• Council applications fee, approval should take around 10 weeks on average.
• Different councils require additional information. Check with us or local council first. 

Structures like a flower bed raised in the garden away from the boundaries or a vegetable bed probably don't generally cause severe damage or threaten safety. Below are a few points to remember for getting council approval for your retaining walls.
• In areas of Australia, the height of a wall before council approval is 1 metre some are 60cm or 80cm
• Some states require council approval when a wall is less than 1.5 metres away from another wall or structure.
• Walls must be usually away from easements by at least a metre away this includes sewerage pipes and water mains.
• No wall can cause water to flow into a neighbours property.

Remember that personal safety is the key here as well as the integrity of surrounding structures.

Always check with experienced retaining wall builders and your local council before you think about building. So if in doubt make sure you get your professional retaining wall builder to go through your requirements and advise on retaining wall cost and get you started with the process. We’re here to help.