5 sensational wall looks!

In the residential home, there are a number of reasons for installing a beautiful retaining wall. Firstly adding value to your home and secondly enjoying a beautiful wall in the material of your choice.

What a great finish and so natural. It can come in the form of treated pine, and also some hardwood sleepers too. It can add texture and a rustic flavour to any garden especially if the sleeper retaining wall is chosen. It’s a great material for the DIY project where you don’t need council approval. 

Classic material like a sandstone retaining wall that doesn't date! Long lasting looks for the lifetime of the wall too. Now, this longevity is achieved by professional construction by a Stonemason who specialises in wall building. Not a surprise when you consider the still standing retaining walls of old built by craftsmen some hundreds of years ago. 

3. BRICK. 
Another classic retaining wall material. Brick looks great left in its natural state adding that rustic feel to any project or it can be rendered for that slick modern look that can be painted to add impact and interest. So it's best to leave this to the expert bricklayers that specialise in retaining walls and are aware of issues such as drainage and the added pressure of keeping soil back.

As the Eagles sang in the 70’s “there's a new kid in town” Concrete mould construction that can be made to look like stone. But essentially easier to install because of the locking design feature of the block together to form one strong dependable wall. Don’t forget you can choose from curved and straight walls and cappings. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes which include a hand-hewn look and a rustic block.

Mister cool to you and me. Another classic retaining wall material that needs the Stonemason’s expertise. The results are stunning to the touch and eye. A beautiful classic look that enhances any garden project for a simple or a grand style. Make sure you get an expert that knows the material and has worked with it previously whether pavers or other limestone products. This can have a big bearing on your retaining wall cost.

Also, call us as we have experience with the entire look of a landscaped garden. We regularly produce gardens with retaining walls into the overall look.