Who pays for my retaining wall?

When it comes to retaining wall costs it is the most heated and emotionally argued subject between property owners. Where do the retaining wall posts go? Is a retaining wall the shared cost and responsibility if it's built on the boundary? The most critical thing to keep in mind is the lay of the land. Where does it slope? How steep is the angle? How will this affect my and my neighbours retaining wall drainage? 

All these points are of importance when a properties natural lay and fill is altered. In most cases and generally speaking, each individual owner is under obligation to keep their soil retained when they have excavated or added to the natural soil level.

A little cooperation can go a long way for both parties.
This will save you money on the cost of retaining wall construction individually. Things to discuss would be types of retaining walls whether it will be a sleeper retaining wall, gabion retaining walls ? etc. So to answer the question if you fill and your neighbour excavates you are both responsible for the amount you either support or fill. So if for example, you set up a sleeper retaining wall to fill above the ground level of around 300mm and your neighbour digs 700mm below the ground level. You pay for 30% of the wall and your neighbour for 70% of the cost.

As always when thinking of retaining walls its better to be safe than sorry. 
Get qualified help as in a licensed retaining wall builder. They are skilled and experienced in how to build retaining walls with proper insurance and cover for construction during and after the project.

Call us as we have the experience in the Adelaide landscaping scene to help with any disputes or questions before you start building. We’ll assist in costing the project and the individual retaining wall cost for each parties.