Why a Stone Retaining Wall?

Bottom line retaining walls are there to serve a purpose. An important purpose. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a feature in the garden that looks great! Stone walls are a great addition to any garden.

For example a Sandstone retaining wall is not only functional it can be great to look at. All the while performing their intended purpose well. Holding back the tonnes of dirt strongly and almost no chance of the wall collapsing or any damage over time if correctly built and constructed whatever the size. 

Great choice. 
A great feature of stone retaining walls is the amount of selection you have and choice of types of stone. Gabion walls for instance. This is a simple wall made up of wire mesh or a form that contains the stone material of your choice. You can shape the wall to suit the land or garden. Dry stack walls, as the name suggests are stacked on top of another without fixing them with mortar or other material. And lastly, the mortared stone wall which keeps everything together and lasts a long time. A great feature of stone is the amount of selection you have and choice of types of stone walls.  

Home value increases. 
Of course, we know our home is an investment. The other benefits of a stone retaining wall indirectly is the increased value a professional stone wall brings. Done properly it can add an elegant solution to any garden. The appeal to the potential buyer is great and adds peace of mind. Because of its evergreen and timeless quality, the wall can look great even though the garden theme changes as the years roll on. Don’t forget you can use the wall to create terraced areas on a sloping block and increase the use of your land. Once a stone wall is built it pretty much looks after itself. Low maintenance and solid construction without the risk of warping, rotting or rusting. They stand up to any weather conditions of all kinds and they will be around for years to come.