Why good drainage is important

When it comes to retaining walls we tend to think of the material and how it will be constructed. See why there is more to it than you think. Where does that water go?

Drainage of rainwater or other wet conditions is important in the stability of a retaining wall. The backfill can be saturated which then increase the pressure on the structure and making it less effective retaining the backfill of the wall. This can lead to sliding and ultimately destabilising the wall. Granular backfill is a solution that helps with the drainage adding easy compaction and increased sliding resistance.

Weepholes are used to run through the wall and provide drainage behind the wall. Minimum diameter usually for most walls. Larger walls can use 10 cm weepholes with adequate spacing between the holes allows uniform drainage. A filter should always be used between the wall and backfill to avoid clogging and loss of backfill.
Perforated drainage holes wrapped with geotextile or buried in a granular filter bed carry water to the weepholes from deep within the back of the wall.

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