Best 4 retaining walls!

Retaining walls are an important structure. Most are functional and look good as well. So what type of walls are there? In the residential area, there are 4 structural type of walls that are used.

For something small then there is a gravity wall. A gravity wall is made with a thicker base which leans backwards slightly onto the backfill. Usually with stone or concrete. Battering is the term used to describe this method to keep it sturdy. Over time it may bend over or shift. It will need to be replaced then.

No, it's not a boat style wall. It refers to the method used to connect the top and bottom of the wall with cables. These anchors run down into the ground with bulbous concrete to resist pressure. This is most suited to a heavy earth bank that needs to be held in. Here is where an anchor wall is perfect.

The sheet pile method is another effective retaining wall solution. This uses planks to push up against the soil. Similarly, like anchored walls, piling retaining walls use cables to tie the wall together and anchor it.

A method of using a T-shaped or L-shaped footing, or poles to provide strong support by inserting them into the earth. These bases are usually thin at the top and wide at the bottom with usually a foot base. These are usually concrete and reinforced with steel. For more details call us and we can assess your requirements and help you start your project.