5 sensational wall looks!

In the residential home, there are a number of reasons for installing a beautiful retaining wall. Firstly adding value to your home and secondly enjoying a beautiful wall in the material of your choice.

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Can I do my own Council Approval?

Retaining walls purpose whether a sleeper retaining wall, gabion retaining wall, sandstone retaining wall is to support soil that is not naturally retained. Because we need to produce a structure to allow us to retain this soil it can have an effect on surrounding areas and the retaining wall cost.

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Before I build my new house

The sloping block is ever coming up in the new home building scene. Making sure all soil is correctly levelled and retained is critical before you engage a building team.

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Who pays for my retaining wall?

When it comes to retaining wall costs it is the most heated and emotionally argued subject between property owners. Where do the retaining wall posts go? Is a retaining wall the shared cost and responsibility if it's built on the boundary? The most critical thing to keep in mind is the lay of the land. Where does it slope? How steep is the angle? How will this affect my and my neighbours retaining wall drainage? 

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Why a Stone Retaining Wall?

Bottom line retaining walls are there to serve a purpose. An important purpose. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a feature in the garden that looks great! Stone walls are a great addition to any garden.

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